Maths Week/Wiki Pāngarau 2024

Monday 12 August – Friday 16 August

Submit an Idea for Promoting Maths Week – An Event for Teachers and Home Educators

Teachers and home educators are invited to submit an idea for how to promote Maths Week.  This event is being held under the auspices of the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) in conjunction with Maths Week 2024.

  1. An idea could be about promoting Maths Week in a school, regionally or nationally.
  2. An idea needs to be practicable and not involve a lot of cost (for example, advertising on TV would not be a suitable idea).
  3. Entries will be submitted on the Maths Week website during Maths Week 2024.  Entrants will provide their name and other details when entries are made.
  4. Entries will be judged on the originality and feasibility of the ideas, and their succinctness.
  5. A $100 Prezzy Card prize will be awarded to each of those submitting the ideas judged to be the best.  A maximum of three Prezzy Cards will be awarded.
  6. An individual may make more than one submission but will be eligible for one prize only.
  7. Prize winners will be notified as soon as possible after Maths Week 2024.  Their ideas, names and school names will subsequently be posted on the Maths Week and NZAMT websites after they have been notified.